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Good things everywhere, the best are in our Orchard.

About us

Many of us know the feeling - you just walk around the place that you consider the most beautiful in the world but it is not for sale or simply too expensive. Endurance and belief always bring positive results so we can share our ideas of this awesome place with everyone who wishes to.

Our name "Orchard above the Klinger lake" grasps its basic pros. The rooms are situated in a sun-drenched orchard just above Klinger lake on its south bank. Wake up in the morning and you are overlooking the lake and surrounding fir forest. The lake water, it's crystal clear and amazing green colour, reflects the forest and lake depth. Either you choose to spend the day by the lake or in the privacy of the orchard in a hammock you will certainly have a pleasant day.

In the evening when people come home or to the town hotels, you don't have to go anywhere. You can enjoy the sunset sitting in our terrace and then you either have a garden barbecue or lie down on the grass and watch stars. It is a different experience, indeed.

Every marketing manual principally states: distinguish yourselves from your competitors. Highlight your uniqueness. Though, it might be tough at times. We do not have to think about it for long, although Banská Štiavnica offers many accommodation opportunities.


We are the only guest house combining more options:

- we are placed right in these breathtaking natural surroundings
- our garden overlooks the lake beach
- the orchard area provides enough privacy for everybody
- unique south orientation offers enough sun during the day and a number of trees offer enough shade when needed
- organic fruit is available for every customer during the harvest season
- places for building a tent are available as well
- if you are feeling romantic, you can sleep on hay and spend the night under the stars and by a fire

What is more:

- a 15 minute pleasant walk gets you to the city centre
- if it seems too much, take a 3 minutes ride by car or a very cheap taxi
- a 5 minute ride (2 km) to the Salamandra ski centre in winter

There are many other opportunities and activities for relaxation and you can find them in the Section "Relax and activities"

Or do you know what is even better? Just come to visit us. Let's talk about them and enjoy them.


Relax and activities

1. New Castle

The most significant town's symbol, a simple but attractive fort eracted on a easily recognized peak visible from any place in the town.

- a little scary due to its legends from the 16th century

6. Mining Academy and Botanical garden

Štiavnica did not only become famous because of its precious metals mined here but also due to the highly recognized Mining Acadmy that became the first field university in the world - from 1762.

Options: a short walk under the trees of the botanical garden will give you a nice day and refresh your soul.

2. Old Castle

The oldest historical monument and is in the center of the old town. The building was used as church and later it was rebuilt and made into a fort.

Within the castle there is: a smoke pipe workshop, a smithery, a tortue chamber etc.

You can also see the Calvary wooden reliefs there.

7. Kammerhof and Mining Museum

A huge complex of buildings used to be the administrative center for the whole mining industry in the region.

Within the museum: a main exhibition hall of the Slovak Mining Museum "Mining in Slovakia"

3. Calvary

A unique historical monument, a baroque sacral complex of chapels and churches built on a conical hill providing an overview on the town and its surrounding area. The complex was greatly damaged in the past but it has been restored for the past several years and due to this it has become a rising star of the town.

Within the Calvary: a small exhibition on Calvary's history, an observation tower

8. Water reservoirs (so-called “tajch”) around the town

These reservoirs were built to collect rain water that further ran devices and machines used in mines. Today these reservoirs are used for recreation.

Options: in summer you can swim or walk around them. They are a favorite trip destination.

4. Holy Trinity Square

A medieval town center where most of the guided tours and trips start.

An unusual column of the Holy Trinity in the middle of the square is surrounded by burgher houses/palaces.

Options: tourist information found in a yellow corner house, precious minerals exhibition

9. Open-air Mining Museum

This exhibition offers an opportunity to experience mining under the ground. You are guided into a mine and a guide tour will give you a better understanding of the gold and silver mining procedures.

5. Main street and Trotuar (promenade)

The street begins by the Town Hall and bordered with a number of historical buildings by an unusually elevated pavement named Trotuár.

Options: a relax walk in the street is a must as part of your visit. You can have a coffee or just enjoy the old times atmosphere.

10. Sitno Hill (1009 m above sea level)

This picturesque and legendary hill is the highest point in the mountain range. It is a favorite destination for trekkers. The easiest access starts by the reservoir Počúvadlo that is situated at its foothill.

We recommend to see:

for more info: www.banskastiavnica.org
for cyclists: www.bajkomktajchom.sk
for actual events: www.banskastiavnica.travel


The guest house and its complex is a quiet zone so accommodation is recommended for people over 12 years old.
Reservation valid after our confirmation.

Rooms price list

Room in main building double bed: 34 € / person
double bed with terrace: 38 € / person
single bed: 64 € / person
single bed with terrace: 74 € /person
triple bed: 27 € / person
four bed: 22 € / person
Room in new building double bed: 31 € / person
single bed: 60 € / person
Rent of main building individual agreement
Rent of new building individual agreement
Rent of both buildings individual agreement
Main building capacity 14 persons
New building capacity 8 persons
Local tax: 1 € / person / night
All prices per one night including VAT 10%
Price list valid from January 1, 2023 Category: accomodation in privacy

General house rules

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Klinger 452/8
969 01 Banská Štiavnica

Cell phone No: +421 917 020 123
e-mail: penzion@sadnadklingerom.sk
web: www.sadnadklingerom.sk

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